Monday, June 13, 2011

Excellence in Fashion Broadcasting

I got this award today from my Video Production teacher Coach Zepf :)
In all honesty, I wouldnt have had a fashion blog if it wasnt for him.
I wouldnt have gone to any of the fashion shows I've been to
 or been on the school news if he didnt recomend the class for me.
I have gained more social skills by being in this class
and I have become more comfortable with public speaking.
So thank you Coach!!


Liya said...

congrats on the award sabrina :D anyways your hair is nice. i am contemplating on having a bob but this is my first time ever had a long hair in 19 years :(

The white cabbage said...

my compliments!

and best wishes

ciao ave

new post by me

PIX said...

Wow, congrats Sbarina!! Your coach was very helpful with you. And the statue seems so big!!! :-)

Anna :-)

Kimberly said...

congrats sounds amazing! such a cute award!

BrigitaO said...

so cool: lucky--

VeRo! said...

congrats sweetie! I wish you the best! :D


Alex said...

beautiful blog;)

i'm your follower...

i hope u do too;)


Michelle's Style File said...

What a great coach! This is such a treasure.


hitme said...

Congrats honey! So great blog, I watched few post and I really like it! You've got amazing style, honey! :) I'm following you :) Follow me back if you want to :)
kisses from Poland;*

Gilla said...


V A N E S S A said...

Congratulations for the award! well done swettie.

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